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We are a team of skilled professional designers specializing in responsive website design, graphical user interface, web and mobile architecture, and user experience. We are an elite design firm working with partners in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We choose design projects driven by teams that value the power and balance of aesthetic.


WorkTurtle is a peer-curated e-commerce destination for operations and office managers at businesses. WorkTurtle is currently working with buyers at 181 startups in the Bay Area to help them find the best products for their growing companies. The user joins our community, recommends vendors to one another, and the WorkTurtle team negotiates group discounts with these preferred vendors on their behalf. The goal of this project was to design a clean, responsive, WorkTurtle branded web presence. WorkTurtle’s challenge is to design a responsive website that clearly communicates their value proposition to their perspective market segment, builds brand awareness for WorkTurtle, and visually positions them as superior among their competitors.